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Lyngenfjord Bungee Gift Card

1 200,00 NOK each

Ready to give the gift of adventure? Ordering a gift card is simple: After you've made your payment, we'll process your order and send your downloadable gift card along with the gift card number and booking code directly to your email. Just print it out, and it’s ready to surprise someone special!

Heads up! Make sure to order the gift card in your name and personally hand it over to the lucky recipient.

Planning to leap? Remember, you need to book your jump in advance. Just punch in the booking code on our booking page, and the original value of the gift card (minus a small NOK 50 admin fee) will be subtracted from the total.

Keep in mind: Our gift cards are good for one year from the date of purchase and can't be refunded.

Pro tip for printing: For a truly slick looking gift card, print it on sturdy paper (something in the 120-150g range works wonders). The file includes cutting marks to make trimming to size a breeze. For viewing and printing the .pdf, we recommend using Sumatra PDF—it's awesome and opens right up in a new window.

Don’t just give a gift; give an unforgettable experience with a Lyngenfjord Bungee gift card today!