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Before you send a message; perhaps we already have an answer to your question?

Do you have gift certificates?

Absolutely, you can find them here

How to get there?

Click directions in the map below. Or, if you don't have a car: use Birtavarre as your destination in this travel planner

Why can't I make a booking for a group later in the day?

We operate continuously from the start until the last group has jumped; the number of groups depends on how many sign up for the given date. We do not take any breaks in between, but you may wait to see if that time slot opens.

Drop-in Options

If the event is confirmed, you can come for drop-in, but please note that those who have booked in advance have priority. We recommend everyone to sign up in advance to secure a spot.

We have a 12-year-old who really wants to jump, is that OK if parents are there?

Unfortunately not, this is not an activity for children.

Is it possible to jump tandem (two together) at your place?

Sorry, we don't offer that.

Are you opening at Trolljuv this season?

Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be able to do anything at Trolljuv in 2024.

Are you open during the winter?

Bungee Jumping is not a winter activity in Norway, our season is between mid June and late September.

If not, please send us a message