Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping off Trolljuv Bridge in Åkrafjorden (E134)

Participating in an activity like Bungee Jumping can be described as a "Low Threshold High Adrenaline Activity." What this means is that as a participant, you don't need any prior knowledge of bungee jumping to be able to jump, and the sensation you experience while jumping can be compared to both Skydiving and even Formula-1 driving!

Bungee jumping has been our main activity since 1992. In Norway, bungee jumping has mostly involved jumping from mobile cranes, with a few exceptions. This is due to excessively restrictive state attitudes towards the use of suitable bridges for bungee jumping along highways and county roads. However, there have been some positive changes in legislation, and in June 2009, we were able to establish our jump site at Trolljuv bridge in Åkrafjorden.

At both out sites we use the full body harness. The body harness provides greater security in terms of user errors, and it also offers a more comfortable jumping experience. The thrill of jumping feet first is an even greater experience! When you jump, we will lower the cord in a gradual, fluent motion, allowing the free fall sensation to linger. The physical feeling of being securely strapped into the harness won't catch up with you until you're way down in the gorge! Just imagine the vibrant feeling of relief when the cord bounces you back up into the air!



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