Trolljuv Bungee

Bungee-Jump from Trolljuv Bridge

There are no events in the selected category

Booking explained

"Drop-in" events; we are always open.

For "Booking" events there must be a minimum of 8 participants before we open for jumping.

7 > tentative date
8 < "go for launch"
30 =< limited slots available

If you book and we don't get the required minimum (event cancelled) you can request to be moved to a new date or refunded.

Capacity reasons we have a limitation of 30-40 jumps / day.

Registration is binding; the number of available slots are limited and therefore no refunds are given for no-show, nor if you turn up at the bridge and choose not to participate.

N.B. The bridge is manned according to number of pre-entries.