Adrenaline On Demand!

Experience Bungee Jumping from one of our two bridges!

Click Map to Select Trolljuv Adrenalinpark or Lyngenfjord Bungee

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On Norways spectacular West-Coast you will find Trolljuv Bridge located on the "old road" in Åkrafjorden (E134). You can also try our Ziplines crossing the Gorge.

Up in the beautiful North you will find Gorsabrua located in Kåfjord valley [E6]. Turn off at Birtavarre and follow the signs towards the bridge. Booking required.

Our guests say...

Much more exciting than a bungeejump with jumpcords attached to your legs!

No doubt after trying both!

Thomas Flaco Flaktveit after jumping in our special bodyharness

An exhilarating and profound experience!

Having done the premiere bungeejump from Gorsa Bridge.

Bengt Pedersen


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