Trolljuv Bungee

product/gavehopp trolljuv
1 000,00 NOK each

Item not sold anymore

Purchase of gift cards works as follows: When the order has been sent and payment is received, the gift card is made available for download; Card number and booking-code will be sent by e-mail and you apply these to the card after it has been printed; the card then acts as a means of payment when presented on the bridge. Alternatively, the booking code(s) may be used when booking on Bungee.no

The gift card is valid 1 year from date of purchase and can not be exchanged for money.


  • Please use some "heavy" paper (120-150g) when printing; The file has cut marks so it can easily be trimmed to the correct size.
  • We recommend Sumatra PDF for .pdf files (opens new window).

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