About Us

Rigging for Bungee Jumping from Vemork Bridge back in 1998Strikkhopp og Sånt AS main activity is commercial exploitation of gravity by offering bungee jumping and similar activities as well as production / sales of related equipment and to offer consulting services in these and similar operations.

We are located in Tromso and has since 1992 been a nationwide provider of adrenaline activities such as Bungee-jumping and Catapulting.

We are the only company in Norway that have been granted permission by the NPRA to arrange bungeejump-events from bridges along highways and county roads. We have previously arranged bungeejumping from Tromsø Bridge, Kvalsund Bridge in Finnmark and since 21 June 2009 we have offered Bungee jumping fromTrolljuv Bridge in Hordaland.

Since September 2012 we have also offered bungeejumping from Gorsa Bridge in Kåfjorddalen; a venture that is growing ever more popular.