Zipline - Closed this season!

The Ziplines at Trolljuv opened in 2012 and was by far the steepest and most airy "playground" that existed in Norway! Perhaps too scary for most people, fact is that we did not get enought visitors during the 5 years we operated it and 2016 was it's final season.

After having the harness fitted, we`ll start with a practise run in our training zip where you`ll get a practical introduction on how to get yourself up and down and forward in our unique mountain trail which is bolted on the almost vertical granite mountain sides of the gorge. After the practise run you are good to go and first off is our longest Zipline where you blast off, reaching the speed up to 40 km / h. Touchdown is way up on a tree post (6 meters) which stands at the tip of a rocky ledge above the spectacular Åkrafjorden. With goosebumps and a quivering body you climb up above the bridge where you connect the pulley on the top Zipline that stretches back over the gorge. The view is breathtaking as you set off high over the bridge...

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