Trolljuv bridge links two tunnels, providing a staggering view of Åkrafjorden and also spectacular panoramas of a Gorge so dramatic that you might think The Trollking himself has shaped the mountainsides with an axe.

With the Bungy cord securely fastened to your harness, you step out onto the exit ramp positioned 115 metres above the fjord. It is impossible to catch your breath once you cast yourself off and the mountain walls of the narrow gorge race up towards you!

  • Bungee jump : NOK 890,- (we prefer card payment)
  • Bungee- jump video : NOK 250,-
  • Jump Weight : 40 til 110 kg.
  • Minimum age : 16 years old *


* Parental permission required if younger than 16

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Trolljuv bridge is located on the "old road" in Åkrafjorden (E134); Turn off by Åkrafjordtunet and follow the signs towards Trolljuv bru 4,7km, or use your car`s GPS: +59° 47' 8.65", +6° 9' 34.70" (59.785736, 6.159639)

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